Quiffs and Tiaras - Alternative Hairdressing, 1950s Barbering and Tattooing in High Wycombe
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Robyn, Amber and Hannya
Barbering, Hairdressing and Tattooing in High Wycombe
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Hannya - TattooerHannya - Tattooist

Hannya is the beautiful, and only, female tattoo artist at Woody’s/Quiffs and Tiaras.

  This corset wearing, black and white haired lady truly stands out and to see her tattoo work station is a really treat.  It is a mixture of her artwork, flowers and many, many, many pairs of high heeled shoes.

Hannya has been tattooing for 5 years and has been getting tattooed for longer.

Since being at Quiffs and Tiaras, her work has been diverse from scroll writing, to stars, to flowers.  Hannya really enjoys larger pieces that she can sink her teeth into including Buddhist and Tibetan styles.  To quote Hannya she loves tattooing ‘swirly shit’.  As a tattoo artist, Hannya’s maternal instinct comes through which ensures that each and every customer feels comfortable, looked after and very special.

As well as having an A-Level and a National Diploma in Art and Foundation Hannya Jayne was also awarded a Commitment to Art. 


short back and sides
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