Quiffs and Tiaras - Alternative Hairdressing, 1950s Barbering and Tattooing in High Wycombe
Above woodys, 28 High Street, High Wycombe Bucks
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Robyn, Amber and Hannya
Barbering, Hairdressing and Tattooing in High Wycombe
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welcome to quiffs and tiaras

Below are some examples of vintage hairstyles and cuts we have done recently, please click on the thumbnails to view the larger pictures.

We will be adding further galleries as we get around to it.

If you have a particular look or style in mind, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We do do "normal" hair too so please don't be scared!

Vintage Hairstyles 1950s quiffs quiff and beard brylcream and a comb short back and sides flick quiff 1940s hairstyle cute quiff mens hair cut in wycombe alternative barber hair colour and style 1950s hairstyle 1950s hair colour and cut rolled fringe hairstyle victory roll hairstyle victory roll 1940s haircut

short back and sides
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