Quiffs and Tiaras - Alternative Hairdressing, 1950s Barbering and Tattooing in High Wycombe
Above woodys, 28 High Street, High Wycombe Bucks
01494 464203
Robyn, Amber and Hannya
Barbering, Hairdressing and Tattooing in High Wycombe
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We are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. Appointments are available by calling 01494 464023, or 07581 337 445.

Walk in styling is also available on a first come first served basis, so if you have a spare lunchtime and need a quick trim or tattoo, pop in, you never know your luck!

We can also arrange any hair tests you need for colouring when you come in to see us so that there is no delay when it comes to your appointment.

If you are looking for a new look (or tattoo) then please feel free to give us a call to discuss your options and talk through the process.

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